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Sold 11-29-03

Hi Don, It is sunday at 1:00. Roger and I arrived home late last night at 2:30 am. - temp. was -6 celcius (night before was -14) Made it all the way to Grand Forks - had to store the car until Monday afternoon (the 72 hour thing). We could only drive 50 - 60 mph - it was probably Rogers and my longest hours driving in our lives. White knuckling all the way. When we got to Grand Forks it had snowed lightly and the Cad. would push the Jeep. Wow! that was something else. I would like to say again to you - Thank you very much for all your help. It was a pleasure meeting and doing business with you. If you ever happen to be up North (our way) you are more than welcome to stop in. This is our website that describes our farm and what we do. Once the car is finished in February - I will send you photos. Thanks again.